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Sheep Fat Filled Hoof – 1 pc


Anco Sheep fat Filled hooves are a perfect treat for your dog’s chewing pleasure, with its crunchier texture of the hoof and the softer filling. Made of Keratin, the hoof is far less likely to splinter than processed bones as chewing on it will simply grind the hoof down slowly. The center is filled with 100% sheep fat, making this even more delicious and enticing for the dog. The sheep fat filling can be beneficial to the dog in many ways – its aids and promotes digestion, supports a shiny, healthy coat and skin. It also aids digestion/food intake and is good for the heart and blood vessels. If you want to make the treat last even longer or make it that little bit more enticing, once the original filling has been eaten you can actually re fill the hoof with something like Anco Pate! Or you can simply allow your dog to gnaw on the keratin rich hoof, which acts as a great natural toothbrush.

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