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Welcome to Nuneaton Raw Pet Food, we would like to give you some background information about us and the reason Nuneaton Raw Pet Food exists.

We have two doodles (Mollie & Poppy) and our newest addition (Baby Ivy) as part of our family. Mollie is a 10 year old Labradoodle who suffered with ear problems from a puppy. Countless visits to various vets had us charged a small fortune for multiple strategies to fix the problem. After being prescribed yet another kibble based diet, Mollie was still chewing at her paws and had discomfort with her ears. It was at this point we started to research exactly what goes into kibble and we decided to try a more natural diet as we felt we had nothing to lose. Since starting to feed raw food to Mollie, the results have been incredible. Not only have her stinky ears cleared up, she no longer chews at her paws, with this there has been significantly less visits to the vets. The only irritations Mollie has now are her little sisters Poppy, a 3 year old NewfyPoo and Ivy the Newfoundland. Poppy has exclusively been fed raw food since we bought her home at 9 weeks and Baby Ivy is growing at a staggering rate thanks to her natural diet.

Nuneaton Raw Pet Food was established after we became increasingly frustrated at the lack of options in stores locally to buy our own dog’s food. We found ourselves having to buy from one supplier in bulk which limited the variations that we could offer our girls on a monthly basis. What we wanted to see locally was multiple brands with different ranges at an affordable price, especially as we feed our dog’s in excess of 3kg per day. This is exactly what we intend to offer to our customers, good quality food and a range of options at affordable prices that your dog’s will love you for.

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