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Betsy’s Yummy Beef – 500g


Our Betsy’s Beef is our all-time top seller and it’s not hard to see why. Full of flavour, our chunky mince gets your dogs’ taste buds tingling. Our Beef is grass-fed from a BRC approved source, it’s also UK, Human Grade, and a high quality trim. Where possible, we source this in fresh and produce straight away so we can lock in that flavour and quality.

Mincing through our new 10mm plate, you can just see the substance and quality to our minces. Don’t worry about those white bits, it’s not all fat we promise. It can be a combination of fat and connective tissue, and considering it’s a muscle meat that’s perfectly normal.

In addition to the quality Beef used, we have Chicken Carcass to make up our bone content and a combination of two offals (which is for maximum benefit to your dog) including UK Pig Liver and UK Ox Kidney.

And our attention to detail doesn’t stop there because we hand-prepare this delicious-ness into both 500g and 1kg compostable tubs. We also use the very same cuts from the very same source every time. Meaning we don’t compromise on quality (like, ever) and we keep our product consistent.

Analytical Constituents
• 16.3% Protein
• 0.1% Fibre
• 65.5% Moisture
• 1.3% Ash
• 18.59% Fat
Working Dog Food

Complimentary Raw Dog Food
Composition: British Beef (70%), British Chicken Bone (10%*) British Ox Heart (10%), British Free Range Pig Liver (5%), British Ox Kidney (5%). No additives.


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