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AniForte PreBiotic Paste – 30ml


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Prebiotic TopinPur Vet for Cats and Dogs can help to support normal Intestinal mucosa as well as your pet’s vitality, thanks to the natural and highly effective concentrate extracted from the tuber of Jerusalem Artichoke. It naturally contains inulin, which supports normal bacterial flora in the gut.

Benefits of Prebiotic TopinPur Vet:

✔ Supports normal intestinal mucosa

✔ Harmonizes bacterial flora in the intestines

✔ Promotes commensal microorganisms

✔ Supports vitality

✔ Supports the immune system

✔ Aids during periods of recovery

✔ Increases nutrient and energy utilisation

How does Prebiotic TopinPur Vet work?

This effective concentrate is extracted from the tuber of Jerusalem Artichoke. The presence of natural inulin supports the gut, working to help stabilise both the gut flora and digestion. This product can be given to pets who suffer from diabetes as the inulin should have a small effect on the blood sugar levels. Pets who are dieting can use this due to its low-calorie content.

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