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Anco Buffalo Roll with Peanut Butter – 1pc


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Anco Buffalo Rolls with Peanut Butter offer a great unique treat choice! These treats are a great natural source of high quality protein but still being super low in fat! The tough and durable nature of these treats makes it longer lasting, especially due to the size these provide plenty of chewing pleasure helping keep your pup occupied and healthy – Chewing down on a tougher treat also helps their jaws stay strong. With the added Peanut Butter, it contains magnesium which can help to aid energy production and, therefore, helps with difficulty walking, muscle pain, and seizures. Peanut butter also contains manganese, which dogs need to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates. Finally, it’s high in phosphorus to keep your dog’s bones and teeth strong! With the unique taste paid with the longer lasting nature of the treat, Anco Buffalo Rolls with Peanut Butter will keep your dog mentally stimulated and away from boredom.

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